New Environmental Payments

Farms and Estates are currently trying to cope with unprecedented changes to both their business and the countryside generally. We are able to offer help with this process in a number of positive and innovative ways. If you are able to tell us where you are experiencing difficulties, we think we may have the answers, especially on wildlife and habitat related issues. If you thought having protected species such as Great Crested Newts or Water Voles was somehow amusing or perhaps a major inconvenience in managing your land, we can demonstrate how they can become great attributes and earn points towards your DEFRA Single Payment Scheme or, perhaps, having undertaken a survey of your holding we can determine if you would qualify for the Higher Level Scheme. It is very pleasing to find that a number of holdings of less than 1000 acres away from the well-known wildlife-rich areas of the Broads, Brecks and river valleys, when properly surveyed, give every indication of qualifying for the higher funded scheme.