Ecological Service We Provide

Wildlife legislation and environmental requirements are currently increasing and it is not easy to keep pace with what is required by the law. This whole area is rather poorly understood and quite confusing for those not intimately involved and experienced, while special licenses are required for some areas of work. Many ecological consultancies are associated with wildlife trusts or other nature conservation agencies. We are entirely independent and able to offer the benefit of over thirty years experience of dealing with local government and the national agencies such as English Nature, Environment Agency and DEFRA in a way that extracts the very best ecological, wildlife and countryside outcomes for all parties. We also work successfully with the non-governmental groups, such as the wildlife trusts.

The range of work we will undertake includes:

Ecological surveys of wildlife habitats and species, both as desk-top database research and field surveys.
Individual ecological assessment of sites.
Survey and advice on protected and Biodiversity Action Plan species, such as bats, badgers and newts.
Specialist in-depth surveys of birds, mammals including bats, reptiles and amphibians, invertebrates, flowering plants, flowerless plants etc.
Support for new DEFRA Environmental Stewardship farm schemes and contributing to the “Farm Environment Record” through working with other bodies.
Ecological mitigation design and habitat creation.
Preparation of nature conservation management plans and strategies.
Support for planning applications, hedgerow survey and assessment.
Phase 1 and 2 habitat surveys.
Wildlife related project feasibility studies and policy analysis.
Maintaining watching briefs and undertaking an ecological role on construction & development sites.
Research, literature survey and analysis of ecological issues.
Producing guidance brochures, interpretation projects, laying out signed nature trails.
Overseeing management of habitat work, including community projects.
Lecturing, training and production of articles.

Our first hour of on-site consultation advice is entirely free, while we see your site and assess if we can really help you and you decide if what we have to offer what you want. We may wish to make a small charge towards travelling expenses if a long journey is involved.